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The benefits of using active transportation methods are diverse. They range from monetary benefits that save you money to the global benefit of slowing the advance of climate change, with many in between. Read about the advantages of changing the way you commute and travel below, and decide what will motivate you.

Economic Benefits

Save Money

You can save large amounts of money if you choose to particiapte in active commuting (Calculate how much here and here!). Driving a car can be difficult and includes insurance, fuel, tolls, repairs, and other societal costs that you may not factor in. Check out some of these benefits to using your car less often.

Cost Comparison

According to AAA's Your Driving Costs Study, the average person spends $725 a month on their car (including the costs of fuel, maintenance, insurance, and more).  Not to mention the average cost of parking in New Haven.  In contrast, the cost of a bus pass is only $63 a year! You can read about the true cost of going car free, and learn how you can save your hard earned money for the more important things in life!

Save money

Get Rewards with CTrides


The CTrides Transit Rewards Program provides you with discounts and incentives when you ride CTfasttrack, Hartford Line, or Shore Line East. It offers its members a chance to take greener commutes while saving money through its rewards program.


After signing up, you can record your trips watch your points grow. With more sustainable trips, you can earn more points.


These points are redeemable for a variety of local services, including restaurant coupons, retailer discounts, and tickets. By downloading and using the CTrides app, you have a chance to lower your monthly bills, cut down your environmental impact, and win great prizes.

Tax Benefits

Promoting sustainable commuting can also provide several different tax benefits, for both employers and employees.  For example, transit pre-tax benefits can help employers to provide better access to active transit and also give employees benefits for using those options, all while saving money! Learn more here.

Save time

Save time

Everybody knows the popular saying: time is money.  But it's true! Engaging in a costly commute hurts your bank account and your productivity at work. Biking is often quicker than taking a car.  The variety of options that make you a passenger and not a driver allow you to get a head strart and prepare yourself for work, instead of focusing on driving.

Environmental Benefits

Saving money is great. Saving our planet at the same time is even better! Making your commute healthier can lower air pollution, local asthma rates, and make New Haven a better place to live.


Sustainable transit helps our environment here at home, but global climate change is truly an issue that will define the next period of human history. Even one person's contribution on behalf of our shared environment can make a difference.  By using more current methods of commuting, you can not only save money, but also know that you are helping to slow the advance of climate change.

Health Benefits

Active transport not only saves you money—it improves your health as well. Being healthy is another benefit to add to the list of reasons to start travelling in a sustainable way.


Walking is inevitably a part of every sustainable trip, whether you walk right to work or to a bus or train station. Even when you're at work, try to walk as much as you can, instead of using a personal car on breaks. Walking and regular exercise can improve your physical and mental health and reduce your risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes.


On top of all that, cars are dangerous! Two out of three drivers will be involved in an injury accident during their life.  For one in twenty drivers, it will be a serious injury. By using a different method of travel, you make yourself and everyone on the road safer.

Be healthy
Help the environment
Be Healthy
Help the Environment
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