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Programs & Events

Along with our September CarFree Challenge, and our year-round resources and events, goNHgo has undertaken or has provided support for a number of projects related to active transportation in the Elm City. Read below for more information on these projects and the great partner organizations which have made them possible! More projects are being added regularly.

Photo Campaign

Photo Campaign

For too long, riding the bus and using other forms of active transit have (wrongly) gotten a bad reputation. That's why goNHgo is thrilled to be running a photo campaign for residents of the Elm City who not only use active transit, but are proud to say so!


The New Haveners in our photos are excited to say:

I bike! I walk! I ride the bus! I take the train! I live car-free!


You can view the full photo campaign here. To get a photo yourself, e-mail us, and we'd be happy to snap a picture!

goNHgo photo campaign
Gift Card Giveaway

Pedestrian Safety Gift-Card Giveaway

goNHgo teamed up with the New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking, the New Haven Police Department, Tikkaway Grill, and Street Smarts to give away gift cards to drivers who yielded to pedestrians at a crosswalk. In under three hours, almost fifty drivers were rewarded with Tikkaway Grill gift cards for respecting our shared streets and yielding to foot traffic.

Take a look at photos from the event here. Read more about the event and our partners that made it possible in our press section here.

Pedestrian safety gift-card giveaway
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