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Resources for Employers

Sustainable commuting offers companies a multitude of benefits, but planning can be difficult. The free resources listed on this page can make it easier for you and your employees to develop a program that will save everybody money and time.

In partnership with CTrides, goNHgo has created an employer toolkit to help your office move toward active transport. The toolkit incorporates our 2020 campaign to help your office to set the goal of reducing 20% of transportation greenhouse gases by 2020. The toolkit contains a list of essential resources for you to use and distribute to employees.

Need help getting started? Feel free to email us at!

2020 Downloadable Brochures and Materials for the Workplace

Additional Tools

Transit Pre-Tax Benefits

Want to save money for both your business and your employees? Under Section 132(f) of the tax code, an employee can set aside up to $255 of his or her paycheck per month to pay for transit-related expenses, under the transit commuter pre-tax benefit program. This pre-tax benefit is exempt from both employer and employee payroll taxes (like Social Security, Medicare, and other federal taxes). It can save businesses at least 7.5% on taxes on money set asidfind out exactly how much it can save your business in this guide from CTrides.


To learn more about how the program works, see this handy guide. With help getting your pre-tax benefits program started, call CTrides at 1-877-CTrides (1-877-287-4337) for services like custom planning. If your workplace would like to contract with a vendor to administer this cost-saving program for you, a good list of firms can be found here and here.

Transit pre-tax benefits

Bicycle-Friendly Business

Want to attract new customers and talented employees to your business? Becoming a business that supports bicycle travel is a great way to do both! The League of American Bicyclists offers accreditation to Bicycle-Friendly Businesses, workplaces that meet the criteria outlined here. Preview the application here or learn more about the Bicycle-Friendly America Program here.


Staff at the New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking can help your business apply or become more bicycle-friendly in general. Learn more here.


The Department is also offering to install free bike racks at New Haven businesses that request them! Find out how your workplace can get one here.

Best Workplaces for Commuters

Best Workplaces for Commuters is a membership program that offers qualified employers national recognition and membership benefits. In order to qualify, employers need to offer some combination of outstanding commuter benefits, including vanpool- or carpool-organizing, discounted bus passes, or telework programs. These programs can easily be organized through CTrides Custom Planning.


The benefits of membership include access to a number of high-level programs, tools, and services, along with nationwide public recognition and advertising. Learn about becoming a member.

Best Workplaces for Commuters
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