20isPlenty aims to make New Haven streets safer for pedestrians and drivers by asking drivers to commit to traveling at 20 mph throughout the city.

Why should I drive 20 mph?

Driving 20 mph makes the streets safer for everyone - walkers, cyclists, and drivers. 

  • Improves driver's ability to avoid crashes

  • Improves stopping distance 

  • Uses less fuel, which makes the environment and your wallet happy! 

  • Reduces the wear and tear on your car

  • Most importantly, it saves lives!

How can I change my behavior?

Driving is very habitual, which can make it hard to change. Use these tools to help you slow down your driving!

  • Implementation intention worksheet

    • Create a new driving mantra! For example, “If I am tempted to speed when I am late or in a hurry to get somewhere, then I will think about the emotional pain I would suffer if my speeding caused a death or injury to someone.” ​

    • Get the implementation intention worksheet here!

  • Safe driving apps score your driving, alert you when you're going too fast, and may even help you save on car insurance! Below are some examples:

    • SafeDriver​

    • Tesco Drive

    • Aviva Drive

How can I help my community?

You can make a difference by becoming a 20isPlenty Change Champion and helping spread the word!

  • What is a Change Champion?

    • A Change Champion helps spread the word about 20isPlenty and the benefits of driving 20 mph within their social networks

  • What is the role of a Change Champion?​

    • Change Champions will share goNewHavengo communications on 20isPlenty within their social networks 

    • Change Champions will also provide helpful feedback to goNewHavengo, such as community concerns and perceptions

  • Who can be a Change Champion? 

    • Anyone with a passion for making New Haven streets safer!

If you are interested in joining the 20isPlenty Change Champion network, sign up below!​

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