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20isPlenty aims to make New Haven streets safer for everyone by asking drivers to commit to traveling at 20 mph throughout the city.

Why should I drive 20 mph?

Driving 20 mph makes the streets safer for everyone - walkers, cyclists, and motorists. 

  • Improves driver's ability to avoid crashes

  • Improves stopping distance 

  • Uses less fuel, which makes the environment and your wallet happy! 

  • Reduces the wear and tear on your car

  • Most importantly, it saves lives!


How can I change my behavior?

Driving is very habitual, which can make it hard to change. Use these tools to help you slow down your driving!

  • Implementation intention worksheet

    • Create a new driving mantra! For example, “If I am tempted to speed when I am late or in a hurry to get somewhere, then I will think about the emotional pain I would suffer if my speeding caused a death or injury to someone.” ​

    • Get the implementation intention worksheet here!

  • Safe driving apps score your driving, alert you when you're going too fast, and may even help you save on car insurance! Below are some examples:

What about street design?

The way that streets are designed can influence driver behavior. Most streets are designed to move vehicles from point A to point B, without considering other modes of transportation. Designers, engineers, regulators, and civic leaders have a responsibility to create safe streets. Highway-like street designs that prioritize automobiles encourage high speeds and put the most vulnerable users at risk.

Common causes of traffic fatalities include:

  • Speed

  • Lack of sidewalks

  • Lack of accessible crossings

  • Lack of protection

  • Lack of predictability

  • Lack of cycle facilities

  • Poor intersection design

  • Unsafe boarding areas

  • Surface hazards

Traffic calming strategies use physical design to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. These strategies can be used to combat speeding and other unsafe driving behaviors. Some examples of traffic calming strategies include:

Medians_Refuge Islands.PNG

Corner Radii

Medians & Refuge Islands


Speed Bumps

Multimodal streets ​are designed to offer people options for safe, attractive, and convenient travel by foot, by cycle, on transit, as well as in motorized vehicles. Multimodal streets make cities more efficient, can reduce the volume of greenhouse gas production, increase space for commerce and public use, and contribute to a better quality of life and economic growth. 

multimodal streets.PNG

Image from:

Want to help make New Haven streets safer?
I would like to...

Thanks for helping make New Haven streets safer!

Thank you to our partners!

How can I help my community?

You can make a difference by becoming a 20isPlenty Change Champion and helping spread the word!

  • What is a Change Champion?

    • A Change Champion helps spread the word about 20isPlenty and the benefits of driving 20 mph within their social networks

  • What is the role of a Change Champion?​

    • Change Champions will share goNewHavengo communications on 20isPlenty within their social networks 

    • Change Champions will also provide helpful feedback to goNewHavengo, such as community concerns and perceptions

  • Who can be a Change Champion? 

    • Anyone with a passion for making New Haven streets safer!

If you are interested in joining the 20isPlenty Change Champion network, sign up below!​

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