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PARK[ing] Day

Thank you for your interest in PARK[ing] Day!



PARK[ing] Day is a celebration of public space. It uses space that is traditionally used for parking and transforms it into public space that everyone can enjoy. 


When is PARK[ing] Day?

PARK[ing] Day occurs on the third Friday of every September. This year it will be on Friday, September 17h, 2021.


Building Recommendations

The sky is the limit! It can be as simple as coning off the designated space and adding seating and signs. Or it can be more elaborate and include planters, turf, built infrastructure, and activities. Please scroll down to the bottom for ideas.



Parklets are extensions of sidewalks and open to the public, not extensions of retail space. They are privately funded for public use. We encourage longer-term installations to allow for greater access. Longer installations also provide significant advertising opportunities.


Parklets must:

  • Utilize no more than 30% of total on street parking on any block face. Block faces with fewer than 10 parking stalls will be treated on a case by case basis.

  • Not extend into parking spaces adjacent to the designated parking space.

  • Utilize a single parking space, requests can be submitted for up to two contiguous parking spaces.

  • Allow for curb-line drainage

  • Not exclude anyone or sell anything within the designated space.

  • Be designed with materials that will last throughout the time-frame of their intended.



Though not mandatory, we encourage adding vertical elements and having a highly visible barrier around the parking space for safety. 


The City is not responsible for any damage or theft to materials. We generally recommend that materials be stored indoors overnight if they are valuable and easily removed. 



It is free to reserve a parking spot on PARK[ing] Day! 


How do I reserve my spot?

It’s easy! fill out this form by Wednesday, September 15th.  You can email Ray Willis with any questions at .

Examples from our and other cities:


  • A wedding ceremony

  • A free head & neck massage

  • A free worm composting demo

  • A pedal powered smoothie

  • A solar panel demonstration

  • A DIY lemonade stand

  • A public park

  • A free health clinic

  • An ecology center

  • A public back porch

  • An urban farming display

  • A glass recycling center

  • An interactive sculpture

  • A political campaign

  • An outdoor classroom

  • A fingerpainting studio

  • A public kiddie pool

  • A public safety demonstration

  • An “art park”

  • Chair park

  • Bag-O

  • Music show

  • Idea park

Other previously tested ideas:

  • A national park

  • A free bicycle repair shop

  • A memorial glen

  • A croquet tournament

  • A public dog park

  • A notebook to elected officials

  • A chess tournament

  • An open poetry reading

  • A barbecue

  • A lawn bowling course

  • A marshland

  • An art gallery

  • A pirates’ cove

  • A dinner party

  • A public reading room

  • A public beach

  • A public picnic

  • A chicken coop

  • Mini golf

  • A cityscape

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