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Here, you can find resources to help plan your sustainable commute and learn about different ways to get around, including biking, buses, trains, carpooling/vanpooling, and walking.

Some of the many ways you can commute without a car

Useful tools

As you think about the different ways to get around, take a look at these useful tools available to help you plan your commute.

Guaranteed Ride

Guaranteed Ride

Unexpected circumstances can make it difficult to commute sustainably. However, with CTTransit's Guaranteed Ride program, if you miss your regular mode of transit due to an emergency or illness, you may receive free transportation. 


CTrides can have you picked up and dropped off at your destination up to four times a year for any commuter who uses vans, express buses, or Shore Line East with a Monthly Pass. Just call 1-877-CTrides (1-877-287-4337).

Transit On Google Maps

Google Maps is a nationwide service that can be used to search for locations and find directions between multiple destinations. You can get directions that take into consideration many different forms of transportation, including biking, public transit, walking, or driving. 


It also includes frequent updates on traffic information so you can see how much time you're saving by using an alternative method of travel!

Transit on Google Maps
Free Trial Rides

Free Trial Rides

If you're unsure about bus or vanpool commuting, why not try it for free? CTrides offers 10-trip passes for commuters who want to try commuting sustainably. Call 1-877-CTrides (1-877-287-4337) to try out this exciting method of commuting.

Transit app

Transit App is a smartphone application that tracks public transportation options in real-time. It lists arrival times and directions for transit routes near you, including bus, subway, bike share, Uber, and more! Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Transit App

Get Discounts with Nuride

NuRide is a way to receive discounts at local restaurants and stores. When you record sustainable trips, you gain points based on how many miles you travel. You can quickly begin accumulating points and getting discounts! A typical, active NuRide member redeems about $300 a year in rewards from active commuting.

Commuter Cost Calculator

Want to see how much money you can save using sustainable commuting? Check out CTrides' Commuter Cost Calculator to find out the costs and savings for yourself!

Commuter Cost Calculator

Getting around

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In 2014, New Haven was added to the list of Bicycle-Friendly Communities created by the League of American Bicyclists.  The Bronze Level recognition means New Haven is a community where high value is placed on bicycle transport. Biking is an inexpensive, reliable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. The League's recognition cemented New Haven's reputation as a city where the ability to bike between destinations is becoming easier every year


As with any mode of transportation, safety is a priority.  Be sure to wear a helmet and take a look at the the New Haven Street Smarts campaign. Street Smarts was developed in response to increasing numbers of bikers on the roads and offers a handbook for biking safely,

Bike to work


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The New Haven bus system and the Yale Shuttle offer cheap and reliable methods of transportation around the Greater New Haven Area. Taking a bus to work is a great option, especially during inclemenent weather. It gives you take a break during your daily commutelet a bus operator worry about the driving!


The best way to plan your commute is with Google Maps. The New Haven Bus System also allows bikers to ride, and there are bike racks attached to the front of all CTTransit vehicles.  


Yale University is the largest employer in New Haven, with over 12,000 employees. If you are connected with the University, consider using the Yale Shuttle. The shuttle is a low-cost, convienent option, and all vehicles run on an environmentally friendly fuel blend. You can find a list of all routes on the Yale Transportation Options website.

Ride the bus to work


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While New Haven serves as a stop for Amtrak lines that connects it to the rest of the country, it is also a local hub for commuter trains.


The Metro-North Railroad has its terminus at Union Station, and offers hassle-free communting to many stations along the way to Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It also offers trip-planning resources.


The Shore Line East Railroad is another valuable resource for New Haven commuters and offers service from New Haven east, all the way to New London. On its website, the Shore Line offers a variety of rider resources, including trip-planning and connecting bus and train services.

Take the train to work


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New Haven is a walkable city with plentiful and accessible sidewalks. While walking may be limited as a commuting option to those who live close to work, commuting is only one part of active transportation. Walking can easily get you to the store or restaurants, around your neighborhood, and more!


Many people use their cars for weekend recreation, but in New Haven, this is not necessary! Our historic city has created four short walking tours, which not only offer a glimpse into New Haven's past but also showcase acheivments of the present and plans for the future, in both urban spaces and parks. What's more, there are downloadable mp3 tracks to serve as a guide on your walk.

Walk to work
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