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Safe Routes for All is an active transportation planning process. That means that we are working with you to make New Haven a safer place to walk, bike, roll, stroll, skate, and scoot.

The Demonstration Projects

The goal of Safe Routes for All is to make active transportation (walking, biking, taking the bus) easier for residents to safely and easily reach their destinations. This project began with a series of 6 demonstration projects in the neighborhoods of Fair Haven, West Rock, Dixwell, Dwight, Newhallville, and the Hill. The goal for each project was to increase safety by slowing traffic, reducing the distance that pedestrians had to cross, and by expanding and improving the areas of the roadway for active transportation users. These projects reflect best practices to make streets safer and serve as a model as the City of New Haven develops an Active Transportation Plan.

The six demonstration projects took place in August and September of 2019, with volunteers helping to ‘Paint the Pavement’ and install the designs.

These projects, along with other information like crash data and SeeClickFix data, will be incorporated into an Active Transportation Plan.

If you have feedback specific to the six demonstration projects in West Rock, Fair Haven, Newhallville, Dixwell, Dwight, and the Hill, we encourage you to complete a brief 10-minute survey:

           Fair Haven (before)                                Fair Haven (after)                              Dwight (before)                                      Dwight (after)



Phase 2: The Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan prioritizes New Haven’s communities of color in making streets safer for active transportation – walking, biking, and taking the bus. The goal of the plan is to create safer routes to every day destinations, giving New Haven residents the freedom to choose how to travel and feel safe doing so.

In creating this plan, the City of New Haven will develop a comprehensive, street by street set of strategies that provide better and safer options for biking, walking, and active transit.

Part of building this master plan is understanding areas that need improvement, specifically related to missing pavement markings, signage, pedestrian signals, and sidewalk ramps.

We invite residents to get involved and report issues in your neighborhood by: - Logging issues on SeeClickFix: http://bit.Ly/nhvseeclickfix

- Speak with your Alders

- Attend your neighborhood’s Community Management Team meetings

Your input, as well as Complete Streets information, and other data will inform the City of New Haven’s Active Transportation Plan.

This project funded in part by the CDC’s Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program within the Community Alliance for Research & Engagement.

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